What is an Air Hammer?

A pneumatic hammer is any device that uses extremely controlled air to drive a hammer into a piece of work for shaping, scoring, or smoothing.
A pneumatic hammer is additionally referred to as associate degree air chisel.
It is a pneumatic hand tool used to break to cut metal objects apart. Air hammers are pneumatic devices that range in size from handheld to desktop-sized, and from £15 to several thousand pounds.
A pneumatic hammer permits a craftsman to form a bit of metal in minutes that might otherwise take hours or days, and much physical strain, to form by hand.

What can Air Hammers be used for?

  • Used to separate universal joints and tie-rod ends.
  • Used to remove rubber bushings.
  • As a tool that can be used to free frozen nuts, insert pins, and align holes.
  • It can be used to cut through exhaust pipe for disassembly.
  • Used to break loose shock absorber nuts and to separate ball joints.

Air Hammers and Air Tools

All Air hammers have variable tips for shaping and plenishing, a hammer tip is used.
For marking or cutting, a chisel tip is used.
Whatever tip is used, it will be pounded thousands of times per minute into the targeted object, so human operators must take care and precaution.
For simple plenishing jobs, low pressures are also used.
Soft metals like copper and aluminum are easy to shape or polish with an air hammer.
Strong metals such as stainless steel and heavy shaping jobs require setting the air hammer to the maximum PSI levels, consuming pressurized air more rapidly. Key features to look for when purchasing an air hammer or air wrench include the blows per minute, chisels or hammer tips included, air consumption, maximum working pressure, the size of the air inlet, the recommended hose size, weight, and product code. It is also possible for tool craftsmen to build air hammers themselves. 

How does an Air Hammer work

An air hammer impacts a workpiece many thousand times per second, exceeding pressure generally around several dozen PSI (pounds per square inch). Handheld air hammers have to be attached to tubes leading to air tanks that provide pressurized air. Some air hammers are also referred to as power hammers.

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